Monday, July 18, 2011

Treasure Hunting at My First Estate Sale

Went on a whim to an estate sale around the corner from my house.  Didn't even have my wallet. Just ran by after patching my father back together . . .barely wearing shorts and flip-flops . . .I must have looked a SIGHT!

Came home with these . . .for $2.00 total (Sterling Silver Paul Revere Bowls)

Came home with this painted tin box for $2.00

But best of all was this . . . 5 qt. (that's A LOT of sauerkraut) crock!

Called Marshall Pottery in Marshall, TX and spoke with one of their master potters . . .he said that it dated to prior to 1945, because back then, it was Marshall Pottery Co. and in 1945, the became Marshall Pottery INC.

Snagged that puppy for $15.00 and the potter said it it could fetch $120.00 EASILY! It is in perfect condition, no flea chips, crazing or cracks . . .and to think . . . it was an afterthought, last minute, what-the-he-double hockey stick purchase. Now it is a wonderful place to house the dog toys for Truffles.

Happy shopping!

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