Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bling-y Belt Buckles

Here they are, as promised. This is a collection of the one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry ( circa 1930’s and 40’s) belt buckles.  Each is hand-crafted and as individual as you are. They are fun to use to “dress up” an every-day outfit, and REALLY look daahling, <I mean it> with your jeans and flats.  Every girl should have a little “bling” so she can feel extra special.
misc 048

Lavender and Moonstone
misc 023

Celadon Green ~Sorrry this baby was SOLD
misc 031

Rhinestone Flower Earring with green leaf
misc 044       
Black/White Rhinestone with Amber Faceted Stones
misc 037

Opalescent Red ~ Sorry this baby is SOLD
misc 039

Deep Teal ~ Sorry this baby is SOLDmisc 041

Rhinestone with Teal Rhinestone center on deep violet background
misc 045

Dark and Light Amber on faux leopard look background
misc 036

Graduated Lavender on light lavender background
misc 043
The picture DOES NOT do them justice. Since I only use the best quality vintage jewelry, there is a high degree of sparkle !!     
I am selling them for $75.00 ea. or $95.00 each with belt (plus8.25% tax)

If you like these...there are 2 more in the more eye candy post :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Continuing Education at the Dallas Design Center


Today was spent at the Dallas Design Center working on the CEU’s I need in order to remain licensed as an Interior Designer by the grand State of Texas.  So while I was filling my head with knowledge in relation to sustainability, aging in place and color, I decided I would also share some of the looks on the various showroom floors.  Stick with me…I took a lot and I mean, A LOT of pics, and just couldn’t narrow down the ones to post. So, with out further ado, let’s get peeking!

showroom 013

showroom 014

showroom 015


This little beauty….

showroom 018

and the detail on the coverlet….purr

showroom 017

showroom 023

showroom 024

showroom 025

showroom 026


showroom 027


Drawer details….

showroom 028

And ohhhh…..the light fixtures…to DIE for…

showroom 019 showroom 029 showroom 021 showroom 032

and this yummy one…

showroom 031

and then the shoes….what girl doesn’t like shoes…(they never make you look fat)

showroom 035

showroom 034 showroom 036

I hope you enjoyed my little bit o’ eye-candy today. I had fun collecting it for you.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Remodel of My Blog


Today was a learning day for me.  I learned how to change the backdrop for the blog, add a "Grab My Button", change and re-size my header...still working on that...not really happy at the moment...

Wonder if I will ever remember exactly what it is I have done...now I need to learn to upload video...oh who knows...lot's of stuff.

Time will tell what this thing ends up looking like in the future...I think I am seriously experiencing "over-fifty" syndrom :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I found the blog Let--It--Shine in the Ft. Worth Star in December, and was blown away by the creativity and talent that I found there. Here is what happened with that tiny spark of inspiration...

They say the highest form of flattery is to be copied...well I'm flattering the designer at Let it Shine.  Her angel wings so inspired me to make my own set. In the same way, I ran, not walked to the nearest HD to get a refrigerator box. No such luck !! They squish their empty boxes a.s.a.p.  Next stop...Lowes. SCORE, they had one tucked away in a corner. That baby was mine! Wait for it....

Brought that puppy home...immediately enlarged the pattern and proceeded to cut out the background.  Sorry, no picks of this step.  After enlarging and cutting out each blasted, I mean wonderful feather (108 ea.). It was on to glueing w/ the trusty glue gun. Note: to cut this thick cardboard, I used my jig saw...bu ya!  Then it was paper mache' time.

Paper mache' in progress....

Drying on the kitchen table...If you eat in your kitchen (and we do) it is best to do this step while the significant other is off fishing...

Next day, spray paint with your favorite metal finish base coat (I used a bronze finish), then "antiqued" it using watered down and ragged-off black acrylic paint. Then I highlighted the edges w/ gold...

Are you ready for the unveiling?   They are DELISH aren't they?

Daughter watching Food Network's "Worst Cooks in America" here...LOL

TA DA...all done :)

Hello and Welcome

I have never been a great diary keeper, so I not sure that I will be any better at blogging, but I will attempt to give it my best shot. I have been so inspired at what others have done, and I really want to emulate the best of what I have seen out there.

Please be patient while I learn...hopefully you will not be disapointed.


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