Monday, November 29, 2010

Headboard Tutorial (as promised)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and now for that tutorial I promised.
First, you acquire a refrigerator box (the cardboard is double thick). Also, you will need to have a picture of the headboard (I snagged mine from the Ballard Designs website). Print it out as large as you can. After printing it out, you will need to use a ruler and pencil to create a grid on the picture aka:Elementary Art Style.
misc 073
I knew I wanted the overall width to be 40” so I scaled it so each half would be 20”. Draw a grid on one side of the box to match the overall with you are seeking (sorry I didn’t get pictures of that).
Once you have the design scaled up on the refrigerator box side, use a handy dandy jig saw to cut it out. (Remember the cardboard is extra thick so this is the easiest way).
misc 034
Add ”posts” (I used 4 thicknesses to add depth) I then decided I wanted dimension on the edges, so I cut strips the width of the yardstick, and hot glued them to the scrolled edge. Then use spray “Kilz” to seal cardboard and make a white background.
misc 033
Now it’s time to get messy . . . Disassemble the romance novel of you choice (I chose Jane Austin’s “Pride and Prejudice”). Mix good old white glue 70/30 with water and decoupage to novel pages to the edges first followed by the flat surfaces.
misc 038
When completely covered in pages from the novel, I used watered down, left-over wall paint to “age” the pages. Then I sealed all with clearcoat spray.
misc 041
Attach this: (museum mount style picture hanger)
using this:
and the final result is an “Anthropology” Style”, “Ballard Design Knock-off” headboard that any young college-aged girl will go Ga-ga over.
misc 063 
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Inspiration Leads to Renovation

As you know by now, my lovely daughter has "flown the coop" as it were. So with that inspiration and my love of the Ballard Designs "Claudette" headboard, I set out to redesign her bedroom.

I was in love with the shape, but not so in love with the price! In addition, it was not available in a twin :(
So taking inspiration and confidence from previously attempting creating these . . .

I decided to re-create the Claudette headboard,  Anthropologies Style from cardboard and an old Jane Austin novel.  Again, I headed to Lowes for the all important refrigerator box and began to cut, saw, mold and paper mache'. I am so very pleased with the overall transformation of the bedroom. One that was last done for an eighth grader, to one that any young adult would be proud to call her own.

 . . . what started as this . . .

. . . now looks like this.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Be still my heart . . .

Ahhh... it pays to be kind and help loved-ones move. Because when you do, you run into someone selling this beauty for (drum roll here) 

love the details, the patina and even the hairline crack down the entire front of the door!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ispiration to Perspiration

I have always loved silver leafed furniture, but didn't like the sticker-shock from seeing the prices being asked.
Paying huge prices is NEVER my style.

[Brissi vases]
You see it sitting there . . .against the back wall . . . all shiny . . .BLING . . . I had to have one. Then I found these . . 

and the finish on this Ballard Designs lamp . . .YUMMO

 Then there was this . . .

I had this little dressing table, bought about 8 years ago from ABC Distributing for about $50.
You can just see it in the corner :)

With a little of these two friends . . .
 I got this! I LOVE it and what's better, my young-adult daughter LOVES it! What say you?
(ignore the lamp cord, wall color and stuff in general  . . . room is still in transition)

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and a sneak peek at the finished room . . .Tee Hee . . .

ack . . . there's that ugly lamp cord again :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Love to Digital Scrapbook

I thought that since the cat dog was out-of-the-bag so to speak, I would share with you, the little scrap book I made for our Dog Trainer Extraordinaire aka: Maureen.

She is the WONDERful woman who came into my life and helped us (Samantha & I) choose and train Samantha's service dog Truffles.

Printed by Arts Cow, I thought you might get a kick out of seeing what else I do in my spare time.


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