Sunday, November 9, 2014

Glamper Remodel:Supporting the Structure

Supporting the structure will be necessary if you need to replace the wood where it attaches to the 2x4 bolted to frame, or even replace the 2x4 itself.  I don't have any photos showing my supports, but I attempted to "draw" you what I did.

Front View:

Rear View:

 DO NOT unscrew anywhere the side wall attaches to the frame without providing support or your camper will "sink" and the side wall skin will not fit properly when you go to re-install. Once you have provided adequate "vertical" support you will be able to safely remove the nails/screws at the 2x4 located at the frame along the side of the camper at the wheel well area.

Note: 1x3 framing members are usually stapled together. You will need to remove the staples to replace any new framing members. You can easily remove the staples with pliers by wiggling them back and forth.

Here is the one I used: (available from your local hardware store)
Kreg Jr. Photo courtesy of

Happy Glamping!

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