Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bling-y Belt Buckles

Here they are, as promised. This is a collection of the one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry ( circa 1930’s and 40’s) belt buckles.  Each is hand-crafted and as individual as you are. They are fun to use to “dress up” an every-day outfit, and REALLY look daahling, <I mean it> with your jeans and flats.  Every girl should have a little “bling” so she can feel extra special.
misc 048

Lavender and Moonstone
misc 023

Celadon Green ~Sorrry this baby was SOLD
misc 031

Rhinestone Flower Earring with green leaf
misc 044       
Black/White Rhinestone with Amber Faceted Stones
misc 037

Opalescent Red ~ Sorry this baby is SOLD
misc 039

Deep Teal ~ Sorry this baby is SOLDmisc 041

Rhinestone with Teal Rhinestone center on deep violet background
misc 045

Dark and Light Amber on faux leopard look background
misc 036

Graduated Lavender on light lavender background
misc 043
The picture DOES NOT do them justice. Since I only use the best quality vintage jewelry, there is a high degree of sparkle !!     
I am selling them for $75.00 ea. or $95.00 each with belt (plus8.25% tax)

If you like these...there are 2 more in the more eye candy post :)

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