Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bling For Your Belly

Although the handcrafted belt buckles are now located up at Coyote Cowboy on Main St. in Grapevine, I wanted to show you how beautifully they were displayed at the Good Sheppard Catholic Church’s “An Afternoon in Paris” shopping promenade.

I thought I did an excellent job…
possibly too excellent…
the ladies LOVED the buckles…all thought they were very unique…
they LOVED the display more as well.
So the question is…Can you over display products? I was only trying to make them “appetizing”! 


so... What do you think?



  1. What a gorgeous display! I love the shredded newspaper as filler. It provides such a great texture against the blingy buckles. I'm not one for belt buckles...the girth of my belly is not something I want to draw someones eye to! :) Oh, they are so lovely, though. And you made them?

    I know how you feel about waiting for comments and followers. Remember that we all started out with just one follower and it takes time to grow. Leave comments as much as you can and link up to a lot of parties to get people to come your way.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work. Good luck, Angela.

  2. By the way, I just put a PS at the bottom of the Facebook post on my blog. Check it out. :)

  3. Hey! Saw you on MMS...I love your buckles and was going to tell you that you displayed them beautifully...they are gorgeous! I'm following now & will poke around more later..JenT

  4. I found you via Miss Mustard Seed. And so glad she sent us your way...

    What gorgeous buckles you make! The display is wonderful but it only makes me think--how can I get one of those buckles to look like that in my house. And not for my belly either:)

  5. Hi just stopped by way of Mustard Seed it here!!!! So glad she sent me over! I know what you mean by over displaying your items...I have had customers too affraid to purchase items at my store for fear of messing up the arrangement because it was "Too pretty". I just had to start picking up items and talk with them and encourage them to do the same ~ that always seems to help.
    I'll be following along, wonderful to meet you ~ Rebecca

  6. Welcome to blogworld! I found you through Miss Mustard Seed and am now a follower:)

    Your belt buckles are gorgeous! The displays are very lovely also, I agree with the comment Rebecca made above...if you go ahead and grab one of the buckles and hand it to them it might make them more approachable:)

  7. Beautiful buckles!!! Unfortunately I don't have the belly for them :-( Have you thought of making necklaces??

  8. These are stunning!!!
    Love the display too!

  9. Hi!
    I came over from MMS too and I'm so glad I did. The buckles are stunning ~ only wish that I could wear one. Afraid my belly is too out of shape at the moment. Love the bling!

    I am new to the blogging world too. Hang in there and more will visit and follow. Also, I'm in Ft. Worth so I guess that we are pretty close since you are selling in Grapevine? That is great!

    Stop by when you can. I will be following you...

    Have a blessed week ~

  10. Thanks to all you readers for your kind words. Yes I did make the buckles and my belly isn't what it used to be either...but...I wear one low on my hips...(I'm sorta shaped like sponge-bob square pants)...any who.....

  11. Wow you are talented.
    I just found your blog through Miss Mustard Seed's Blog.
    Hope you have great day tomorrow!

  12. I found you through Miss Mustard Seed also. Your belt buckles are fabulous! Very nice!


  13. Good job! smiles.....


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