Monday, June 14, 2010

Diamond in the Rough

I LOVE finding diamonds…don’t you? While out at my favorite second hand or as the car makers like to call it, “Certified Previously Owned”

(like “used” can  needs to be made desirable)

I found this UGLY (with a capital U) picture wrapped in this equally ugly Bee-right Gold frame…ARGH

Church tables tonight 002

The “painting” turned out to be a poster, glued to foam-core and then over-brushed with acrylic gel medium.  But as I had seen all the chalk boards being created in blog-land…I decided to make one as well.

I know, not to original…but….

I took the “painting” out and ran to HD to get a piece of masonite cut. Can you believe the guy at HD LIKED the “painting”, asked if I painted it (OMG). I smiled sweetly and said….”hmmmmm….no…”

After a little spray chalk board paint, and leftover black acrylic paint rubbed-on-rubbed-off..this is the finished product.

Church tables tonight 006

(please ignore the ugly phone…one day it will go away, but right now I have a hubby who hasn’t embraced a cell phone yet)


Church tables tonight 009


  1. Kudos on seeing the diamond ~ I'm afraid I would have focused on the rough ;-)

    Great Transformation!!

  2. A Girl After My Own Heart! Love the new look!!!

  3. You have nice work! I saw you over on "Colour" about blog design. Glad to see you are not fanatical.


  4. I think the guy at HD was totally flirting with you! :) Love the project!


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