Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall is in The Air

Hey . . . I'm back and Fall has arrived in Texas.

I  LOVE the Season, the crisp air in the morning and only "warmish" in the afternoon. Finally it feels like football season! The chance to wear longer sleeves (if only in the morning) and the opportunity to decorate in all the luscious colors of fall.

Mind you, I like the "all-white" look as much as the next person, but somehow, I am also a "color addict". God gave us color . . . and darn it (pardon my french), I like using them.

You will note however, I did include a little black, because every room should include a little black. It adds sophistication whenever it appears.

So sit back, and relax with a "Pumpkin Spice Late'" from Starbucks and enjoy.


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