Saturday, August 7, 2010


Well, I started a little last minute re-purposing project the week before I cart my daughter and her doggie off to college.  If you’ve peeked around, you might know the “doggie” is in fact, her 2 yr. old, barely-certified service dog.
In my infinite wisdom (one week before departure) I decided to try my hand a creating a “doggie wagon” for Truffles to pull.  Now mind you, Truffles is a wonderful retriever (she is a lab after all), but she is not so sure about becoming a sled dog too!
My “FisherMan” say’s she is going to hang her head in shame when she has to pull it….What do you think?

 start with one generic little red wagon

one cheap-o three-legged table and a dumpster dived for laundry basket


Pretty “ghetto” eh…
So far I have invested about $12.72. 
I know! You are saying to yourself…”THAT WOMAN IS NUTS!!! “, the dog is saying, “THAT WOMAN IS CRAZY IF SHE THINKS I’M GONNA PULL THAT THING IN PUBLIC!”
I think this is looking more like Trash-to-TRASH :)

oh well…….think anyone would appreciate this for “Transformation Tuesday’s”?

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