Sunday, March 15, 2015

Glamper Remodel: Fixing Up the Floor

Once all the cabinets have been removed (remember I left my closet/ice box cabinet), it is time to remove the old floor. My campers original 9" x 9" vinyl tile was relatively easy to "pop" off. What was left behind was another matter. Again, Larry came to my rescue!

At that point, I was able to cut out and replace the center 18" of plywood and sound board and replace both. (It was mainly the soundboard that required replacing.)

center of floor removed
In my case, I also needed to add 2 additional 2x4 supports (bolted to the frame) the length of the frame to support the new soundboard and sub-floor. Once installed, I used a self-leveling compound to bridge the old and the new and prepare the sub-floor for the new tile.

Happy Glamping!

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