Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Entering My First Linky Party

One of the blogs I stalk frequently visit, is Tea Rose Home where Sachiko always has some wonderfully creative hand crafted clothing for you to see and make.

Her latest creations were doll clothes she made for her little girl.  That brought back memories for me of the clothes I used to make for my daughter and her “MyTwinn” doll when she was little.
Now, as she gets ready to set off for college (her sophomore year), I decided to dig out the outfits (mostly made for either Halloween of for the summer of 2000.

The first creations for Samantha and her “My Twinn” were really ambitious for fist trials…She was a fan of “Rose” from “Titanic”, so naturally I had to make the “jump” dress for her. I used a store bought adult pattern, scaled down for Samantha’s dress, then reduced and reduced and reduced the pattern pieces again and again for her doll.

Click on the flip-book to open in another window.

 Alas, she is long past playing with dolls, and I am experiencing mixed emotions. for she is a beautiful young woman, who has worked hard against the many obstacles that have been placed in her way.

03-14-10 Sam 111 
I could not be more proud of her!


  1. Amazing how you scaled down an adult pattern to make the "Rose dresses." And congrats on raising a beautiful daughter!

  2. Wow! Just Wow! Those clothes you made for your daughter and her doll are just amazing. It puts mine to shame. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. You did a wonderful job. Your daughter is beautiful.

  4. What great costumes for the doll--and the daughter! :0) I'm the same way--why start easy? Why not just jump in with both feet? The first thing I ever EVER sewed (when I was about 13) was a big dress like a southern belle. I had aspirations of being Scarlet. I bought curtains at a local thrift shop for fabric, borrowed a machine, and made a "hoop skirt" out of wire hangers I pilfered from my dad's drycleaning! Go big or go home, right? hehehe


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