Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Glamper Remodel: Getting Started

So now you've decided to take the plunge.I highly recommend that you watch Larry of Canned Ham Trailers video series' on YouTube before you start! He restores canned ham campers and produces EXCELLENT (did I say EXCELLENT) tutorials for he entire project! His website is stuffed with info to! He has videos on remodeling a Shasta, Westerner & DeVille.

Once you bring that little gem home, you will need a BIG tarp to cover her (or water tight storage building) so that your neighbors won't complain to loudly, and a BIG plastic sheet to go under it.
Who knew tarps weren't water tight!


Also, make sure you put a pole up through the vent hole (or by other means) to create a "tent effect" or later down the line, you might suffer like I did with this . . .

All that new wood got wet!

And, if you are like me and don't have extra storage space for all the parts you take out . . .
you will also need to build this . . .

made from PVC pipe

Don't forget to apologize to all your neighbor too. I just let them know it was going to get a lot uglier, before it got better!

Happy Glamping Ya'll

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