Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Glamper Showing her UGLY

Well now that you viewed how she looked from the outside, (not to shabby), I thought I would give you a tour of her interior (not so pretty). At first glance, she's not to bad, but on closer inspection, her wrinkles start to show.

First view is the dinette area(with 1970ish) AC unit

Next the rear with the double bed and single canvas bunk
the " kitchen area"

Upon closer inspection, besides the peeling veneer, there was MOLD (YIKES!!!)
Lots of mold . . . almost all interior paneling will HAVE to go.
Upon seeing her for the first time, my son said, "Holy C***!, Mom, it sleeps 5!"
I responded, "Nope, she only sleeps ONE!"

Let the process begin! First scheduled campout with the Getaway Gals is in June!

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