Thursday, October 30, 2014

Glamper Remodel: Getting to the Heart of the Glamper

As my little glamper was a little rough on the insides (peeling veneer, original vinyl tile floor and water damage), it was necessary for me to open her up from both ends so that the bench seats, base kitchen cabinet and stove and stove cabinet could come out! Using the tips of marking the sides of the camper from my last post, I removed the windows from the front and back so that I could remove the aluminum skin from both ends.

Tip: use painters tape and permanent marker to label ALL pieces you remove. Also note if they are from the curb side (side of camper with door) or from the street side and with an "up" arrow.

1970's era AC unit removed from center position of front window

front window and eyebrow to be removed
Start removing the million little nails holding the "roof" skin down.Work gently so as not to damage the aluminum. Then proceed to remove the framing and interior paneling from the ends.

Wash, rinse and repeat at the rear of the camper! 
Don't forget to place that aluminum skin where it wont get damaged. I stored some under my camper and some I screwed to my fence in the backyard (using existing screw holes of course)

Happy Glamping!

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